About us

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 Being recognized as one of the  leaders and providers of Local, and International prescribed medical distribution has always been our pride.  We keep high quality of works and satisfaction of the customer as our main aim.”

If you wantto recieive your products on time, better control of shipping costs and processes, you are at the right place right now.

We understand that certain products  can be challenging to deliver but delivery has never been and issue for us at Lloyd meds. Our clients are our major priority we become selfless to satisfy them because we understand how health issues can be sometimes and people need their medication and we don’t intend to fail anyone for what so ever reason.

We are bringing you closer than ever to your world of reality. You are free to contact us on our mail or number  incase of any difficulty.


Return policies

  1. Lloyd meds is responsible for to pay damage of your products if and only if during the shipping process something gets missing or broken.

  2.  On the other hand if you report a missing product after 3 weeks we are not responsible because our courier services don’t take too long to deliver to clients location.

  3 Incase you report a missing or broken item , you will have to chose if we should return your money or we ship another to you, moreover we have a 3 weeks policy incase of returning money because we have to investigate to know the authenticity of your report.


Our Mission

We meet our customer’s demands for a personal & professional service by offering innovative supply chain solutions.

Core Values

Procedures, values and attitudes are crucial to our reputation – not to mention the success we enjoy